Father/son weekend

Last weekend my son and I attended a Father/Son weekend with Christ Chapel Bible Church at Sky Ranch in Van, TX. We had an amazing time growing in our faith and growing in our relationship together. Instead of writing a lot about it, here is a short video of the weekend. Enjoy!


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March is almost over already? Dylan just finished his first season of basketballbasketball block and Isabel just started crawling so she is in to everything. The kids are keeping us busy. I am currently enrolled in Colorado Christian University online and will be getting my degree in Information Systems Management and scheduled to graduate next year. Crystal is managing the household and doing an awesome job. Something I could never do on my own. Last week we got to Skype with the Dorins (Some great friends ministering in Africa) and I snapped a pic of Isabel trying to figure it out.

20130325-112652.jpg We are currently busy with finishing Dylan’s homeschool and getting all the kids’ Easter outfits together for this weekend. (I say ‘we’ but it’s pretty much my wife picking out outfits). I hope everyone’s having a great day and has a great week. Love, the Keiths

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‘Becoming Sons and Daughters’

Please enjoy this trailer for the upcoming documentary about fatherlessness. It is a serious issue that plagues our world and I was honored to be a part of it and tell my story in the film. There is also some footage with the kids we fostered last year. At the very end of the film they also document my daughter’s birth which was amazing. There are some other great stories in the film as well. I can’t wait for everyone to see the film coming out sometime next year. Enjoy! ‘Becoming Sons and Daughters’


New life all around

Wow. The last two summers have been the busiest summers of my life. They have both been great. I can’t complain, only feel blessed to be a part of them. I’m referring to the 3 foster kids we had for the summer of 2011

Our family in 2011

and then 2012 was full of traveling, ministering, and of course the birth of my baby girl Isabel. 

A lot went on this summer and I will try to keep this update as short as possible but so much happened that it will be difficult. Before the summer began, I was contacted by CIY (Christ in Youth) and they asked me to be a part of a documentary they were filming called “Becoming Sons and Daughters.” I gladly accepted the offer because of my history with CIY. I grew up going to CIY conferences and was honored to be a part in a film that I knew with which they would do an amazing job. The film is about one of the biggest problems in our world today, ‘fatherlessness’. Here is an excerpt from IMDb…

“Becoming Sons & Daughters”

Every major social problem that plagues our nation today can be traced back to one root cause: Fatherlessness. For instance, 71% of pregnant teenagers live in a fatherless home. Additionally, 85% of young men in prison grew up without a dad. They are not stats, they are desperate for stability.

From small town American to the heart of New York City, ‘Becoming Sons & Daughters’ tells the stories of people who are stepping into the lives of fatherless kids. Through adoption, mentoring, and simply paying attention, these men and women are planting hope and security. They are giving kids a future and helping them become sons and daughters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Update coming soon…

For now, here is a video of baby Isabel’s 1st photo shoot. She is 3 months old now.

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Father to the Fatherless

I’ve been informed that CIY is now starting to show the documentary that I got to be a part of. I’m so blessed to be linked to an organization that was so huge in my teenage years. It’s almost like a ‘full circle’ concept thinking of how my old youth minister is now the director of CIY and here I am sharing my story there in hopes to help others and testify how God has always been there for me. My Heavenly Father has never left me. Psalm 68:5 gives me comfort. He is a Father to the fatherless. I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father, my life, and thankful for my mentors along the way. (Jayson French, Michael DeFazio, Grandpa) CIY, it’s an honor and I can’t wait to join you at some events this summer.

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A recent publication…


 My story on ‘Manna Express Online’. A very well written article. Very privileged to be able to share my story and to do my best to help others. – cK

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