Summer of 2011

Our family this summer

Whew, this was a crazy summer. I will try to summarize it. It started in May when we got licensed to foster/adopt. We had done respite care for a few weekends for these three amazing little kids and received word shortly after that they needed to stay with us for the summer (can’t go into why). So we welcomed them with open arms even though we weren’t prepared for what was next. Our house went from one kid who likes to sleep in to adding three kids who were used to getting up early. It was a shock and also the fact that the two-year old constantly was destructive with everything.  They all had their quirks but we still grew to love them all. At first we didn’t get attached but as time went on, we definitely got attached and knew that when they left we would miss the heck out of them. We did as much as we could to keep everyone busy. Not only the kids (so they wouldn’t have to think about their current situation) but also for us because the more activities we did the more we kept the house from getting destroyed, haha. We went to Legoland many times, countless sprayparks, regular parks, several water parks, the lake, and even took a 14hr road trip to Atlanta for my brother in law’s wedding. This has been the busiest summer that I can ever remember. The kids left at the end of August and things here got weird. No more 6am wake up calls and while we are very sad that the kids are gone, my son has taken the biggest hit. He has prayed for years for some siblings and he got pretty depressed when they left. He stopped eating, etc. He is a good kid and I know he will bounce back. I had the opportunity to share my story at several places this summer as well. I spoke at a conference in Dallas in July (video here) and also spoke at a conference with Big Brother/Big Sister in August (video coming soon) I had a blast and wish I could do this more often. I am also scheduled to share on a talk show in Chicago in October but I won’t talk much about that until it gets closer just in case plans change. Crystal is doing well, she is just now catching her breath from parenting four kids all summer. She is now adjusting to Dylan’s new home-school schedule and they all love it. Dylan is learning so much. I have been quite surprised to hear him recite some of the things he has recited when I get home from work. We just went to Colorado with my wife’s parents as they were heading down there to look at some property and they offered to let us ride with them. It was a short vacation but much-needed. It was amazing to actually have to wear a jacket because it was cold. This Texas heat has been depressing all summer and hopefully it’s over for the year.

We just got a phone call to respite three more kids for the next week. We are excited and it should make things around here a little crazy, in a good way. We love having a big family. Even if only for a week. ** Update** The week is over now and the kids have left. They were very cute kids. We experienced our first trip to the ER since we have been fostering. The little 3yr old girl jumped off the coffee table and did a twirl but her feet got caught on her way down and she face-planted onto our tile floor. She was vomitting everywhere and they said she had a concussion. It was a crazy day. We are still in the process of adopting but we haven’t had any progress in that area yet. Soon, I hope. We are looking forward to the holidays and hopefully we will have a bigger family to take to Tulsa this year for Christmas.


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