Keith Family Update

Wow! Things are busy but we are very appreciative for every moment. Let’s start off with Dylan…

The 2 jagged top teeth have since come out.

He finished 1st grade this year and finally lost his two top front teeth after a night of pulling and tugging and screaming, etc. He doesn’t have that funny gap because his adult teeth had already come in behind the baby teeth. He is having a blast right now because he is not an only child at the moment. Will explain that later…for Crystal, she is doing well. REALLY tired with four kids running around. Will explain in a sec, patience please, haha. If we haven’t told you, Crystal had some scary lumps on her neck that ended up being benign so that is a praise. She is still having some health issues with her wisdom teeth that need to be pulled and her tonsils need to be removed. They are giving her some health problems. I wasn’t aware that your tonsils can bring about lots of other problems but apparently they can. Hopefully we will get that work done by the end of the summer. Maybe I will make her a double appointment as a birthday present since she has a birthday this August. WHAT? Isn’t that romantic. I just want her to be happy, haha. Seriously, but I’m joking, seriously.

It took me forever just to get him to pose in a shark's mouth. He kept thinking it would close on him.

Crystal has proven to be a great mother, no matter how many kids she has running around as she has shown with now 4 kids in the house instead of 1. I promise, I’m getting ready to explain. For me, things are great. I can’t complain. I have started a new schedule at my work. 7 days on and then 7 days off. The work week is pretty draining but it is worth it to get 2 weeks off a month to spend with family. My in-laws rented a beach house a few weeks ago and asked us to come along. We weren’t in the water 5 minutes and I got stung by a sting ray. Yep, that’s right. Hardcore pain. I was fine the next day with only a hole in the side of my foot to remember that historic event. I didn’t know what hit me at first and my son recalls me running on one foot and yelling, “DYLAN, GET OUT OF THE WATER!” I had no clue what it was until later. Oh, and because of my reaction, my son will no longer get in the water. MY BAD. Well, it’s now been a few weeks and my foot has begun to swell, etc. From researching it, I think I tore a tendon in my foot.  Correction, the stingray ripped one of my tendons. What a punk! The problem is I can’t really stay off of it like recommended with a house full of kids, etc. I’ll be ok eventually. Having a week off also allows me free time for when I have some speaking engagements. Whether it’s traveling by myself to share my testimony to others or traveling with Upward Bound Outreach, I am having a blast and hoping to help others as often as I can. We are still currently working on a book (not sure any details yet as far as when it will be out. It will be awhile so you won’t hear me mention the book very much.) This summer so far I will be speaking at a youth conference in July, speaking at Gainesville State maximum security juvenile detention center a few times and also in talks with a chicago based talk show to share my story with her audience. I want to help spread a message of HOPE…on another note, if everything goes as planned I will be enrolling back in school this fall for computer engineering. OK, now about the kids. Of course, for legal reasons I can’t give specific details but I can talk about them a little bit. We got licensed in May to foster/adopt. We started doing respite care for three young ones for a couple of weekends. Can’t talk about why, but now they are living with us. I wan’t to be careful here, so I won’t say anything more except that life has changed a lot. Dylan is having a blast no longer being by himself all the time. We are learning to get back our multitasking as related to caring for toddlers. Having our backyard open up to two parks is a huge blessing. When all else fails, we just go to the park. The Lord always provides and we are blessed to have this opportunity. Maybe someday I can reveal more details about this situation but as of now, I can’t. Busy, Busy, Busy but we can’t complain. We are taking it step by step.

 I did learn that when I do something funny (and you know I do that all the time, haha) the 2yr old just yells, “DO AGAIN!!!” and of course, I do it again. And again. I never get to stop but it’s ok…Oh yeah, and if anybody was curious, our pug Vada is doing great. She loves little kids.

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