Mother’s day and my brother’s Birthday…a reminder

This Mother’s Day is an extra special reminder to me of how precious life is. I celebrate the fact that my beautiful wife is a great mother to my son, Dylan. I cherish my amazing mother who was taken from this earth as a result of domestic violence. In the same breath, I honor my late brother as today is his birthday.

Michael and Debbie Keith

As an adult, I look back at the short time I had with both of them and cherish the memories. Every single smile is embedded in the back of my brain as a reminder to not take life for granted. I walk in the bedroom and see my son sleeping and I don’t know how my dad could have done what he did to us. I could never fathom doing that to my family. Even during depression when I have thought of giving up, there are three things that keep me ‘pressing on’. 1) I could never do something like that to hurt my family. 2) I would never want to resemble or end up like my dad. 3) Last but not least, I owe it to my Heavenly Father to be the best example I can to others and try to help those that may have given up hope in their life. I am nobody special but my life was spared and there is a miraculous story of survival attached to me. Today is dedicated to Debbie Keith and Michael Keith. I know you are proud of me and that helps to keep me going in this screwed up world.  The night you both left was brutal and violent. God spared my life for a reason and I am doing my best to help others with the best of my ability. Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Happy Birthday Michael! I love you both. To those reading this, it’s not meant to have you feel sorry for me, by no means, just please let it be a reminder on this holiday that life is short and precious.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

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