Update on the Keith’s

December has been an interesting month and it’s only just begun. We moved into our new house (we are just renting for now) and we are (my wife, really) getting Dylan caught up with his homeschool. Dylan has just enrolled in tae kwon do and he loves it. He is excited because he just got his white belt. The ministry is going well and we are so excited to see all that is going to happen in the upcoming year. Not only with our personal ministry goals but also with Upward Bound Outreach. I have been getting to speak locally and out of state at some churches and conferences. This has been a great experience for me and I hope I (we) get to do this a lot more in 2011. We have a few things coming up that I probably shouldn’t talk about specifically yet but I will definitely post as soon as I can. Please pray, not only for the Keith’s but also Upward Bound and all the opportunities for us all in 2011 to further God’s kingdom. Tomorrow is my last scheduled speaking engagement for the year and I’m very excited to meet these people. It’s been a long year, but it’s been a good year. Thank you to all our supporters. We love you all and we will update on the big upcoming projects as soon as we get more details…

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