Florida Trip

Jan 29, 2010 – Recently returned from Florida. Traveled with Jeff, Zack, and Brryan for 4 days. I wasn’t privileged enough to stay the whole time with everyone but the time that I was there…lifechanging. We spoke at a few churches on that Sunday but the part of the trip that impacted me the most was getting to spendwith the juvenile delinquents. God moved in everyone’s hearts throughout this trip. A faculty member at one of the facilities said, “remember, it’s not just the kids you’re touching.” That was something that I never even thought of as I was consumed by the emotions that were being poured into these young minds. “WOW”, we are impacting the faculty and staff also. God is amazing and as long as he is with us, amazing things are to come. cK


  1. #1 by Ron Andrejko on September 3, 2010 - 4:02 pm

    Stay motivated… Glad you’re alive and doing outstandingly well. My folks were in a similiar situation but no as bad an outcome as yours. My father has been in jail since I was 3 for various serious types of crimes. I had a mother that always considered my like my father and would end up robbing banks and killing people like he did. I vowed to not walk down that road. I ended up graduating a year early from high school and went into the Marines with several combat tours and now in law enforcement. All I really want to say is people like to can truly show people there really is a brighter side to a negative family and life. We just have to believe in God and motivate our own selves that we can over power and negative influences or obsticles that come before us. I just had a new born boy and I too treat him like he is God himself…. Stay motivated always and keep God and family tight to you and keep smile coz you have the best life!!!

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